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Greece’s Real Estate Fire-Sale

Greece’s financial crisis has resulted in some unexpected real-estate grabs over the past few months. Whether sweeping vineyard or beautiful island, nothing is safe from opportunistic hands grabbing up all they can hold. Circling the ancient country like billionaire buzzards, what will this spell for Greece’s picturesque landscape when they descend and stake their claim? Billionaire and real-estate mogul Warren… Read more →

Miami Real Estate Changing to Accommodate New Wave of Buyers

Miami sees a variety of demographics interested in its luxury real estate each year, but recently there have been some notable changes that are influencing not just the types of people you see walking around Miami, but how luxury developers are planning and building within the city itself. There has long been a market in Miami for foreign investors looking… Read more →

7 Tips for Finding the Best Commercial Real Estate Deal

How do real estate developers find the best commercial deals? Commercial properties are typically known to generate more cash flow than residential properties, so it only makes sense that real estate developers ears perk up when they hear about a new opportunity for a commercial real estate deal. Below are 7 tricks to understanding a good commercial real estate deal.… Read more →