Achieving Success through Grit, Goals, and Gratefullness

When I first started RK Centers many years ago, it was just me, an investment of funds that I had earned through my basketball career, and an idea. Today RK Centers is one of the largest commercial real estate companies on the East Coast. How did I get from where I started to where I am now? No doubt a lot of factors went into it: persistence, grit, commitment, a dedication to putting tenants first, and no small amount of luck. Looking back at the success I’ve had, one thing sticks out as absolutely critical. Goals. This isn’t some trite inspiration soundbite. It’s the honest to god truth. Creating goals, writing them down, looking at them every day, and keeping them in mind has been absolutely essential to achieving that I have.

When I was younger, I knew I wanted to play professionally play basketball. Even as a kid half-the height and with the fraction of the experience I have now, I decided that I was going to go after that goal. I trained every day throughout my childhood. With persistence, the help of my friends and mentors, and the goal of playing professionally, I made it onto my high school basketball team in Israel. After spending time playing there, I was soon selected to compete professionally. Eventually I was selected to play with the Israeli National Basketball Team.

The years I spent with the National Team were truly formative. I found myself surrounded by peers who pushed me to better. I couldn’t  be content at the level of skill I had. I could not rest on my laurels. I had to push myself to be better. I had to double down on my strengths and set myself apart because of them.

All throughout my career I had success as an outside shooter. In order to take my journey to the next level, I knew I had to get better at just that. Eventually, I was invited to join the Boston Celtics training camp. I was completely in awe. I knew ever since I was little that I wanted to play professionally. But I never thought that I’d be able to do so in the US!

Raanan Katz and Ted Kennedy

Raanan Katz and Ted Kennedy

The Celtics Training Camp presented me with another challenge. I came in as an outsider. I needed to prove myself in a whole new way. Although I had a reputation, it was not nearly as powerful in the States as it was in Israel. I had to keep working.


To be continued.


Raanan Katz